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Answers To Your Burning Candle Questions

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A: Trimming the candle wick down to 1/4-inch after every burn can help you prevent problems like black flames, flames that are too tall, black smoke stains on glass candle holders and wax that burns too quickly.

Q: How Do I Remove Remaining Wax From The Container Once The Candle Is Over?

A: Once the candle is over, use a butter knife to scrape out the leftover wax from the container. place the jar in the sink and fill it with hot water let it sit for 2-3 minutes pour the water out and wipe out jar with a cloth.

Q: Why can't I smell my scented candle?

A: You need to burn a scented candle for a minimum of two hours you can burn a chyenne candle for a minimum of 1hour before judging the fragrance, the second option could be try to burn it in a smaller room a small candle cannot fill a large room with fragrance.

Q: What Is The Benefit Of An All Cotton Wick?

A: The most important thing in a candle is the wick. The whole burning process of a candle depends upon the wick. You should always check if the wicks are made with 100% cotton

because a lead wick may create toxic smoke that may be harmful to your health. This is why we use 100% cotton wicks at Chyenne Candles.

Q: Are All Soy Wax Candles Created Equal?

A: No Some candle brands mark their candle as "soy candles" by using 51% soy way and 49%

chemical wax blends. Not only do they use other waxes but they also include metal core wicks along with chemical fragrance oils, whereas a pure organic soy candle like Chyenne Candles has100% soy wax and natural essential oils.

Q: What is the healthiest wax for candles ?

A: Soy wax is the answer but true soy wax is a renewable resource, and biodegradable which is

why Chyenne Candles uses 100% soy wax in their candles. Soy candles also last longer and are non toxic unlike candles made from paraffin wax.


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