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The Different Types of Wax For Candle Making

Choosing the wax for your candle is the most important part of candle making and candle purchases.

Soy wax

Paraffin wax

Palm wax


Gel wax

Rapeseed wax

Coconut wax

At Chyenne Candles, we use Soy wax

because we care about the environment.

Paraffin wax and Soy wax is the most popular for candle-making

Paraffin wax is made from a by product of the oil refining industry its an easy and affordable wax, but not very eco friendly. Candles made with paraffin wax burn quicker compared to other wax.

Soy wax is %100 all natural vegan and eco friendly wax. It holds fragrance really well but coloring is a bit more difficult with soy wax than with paraffin or beeswax. A soy candles burns cleaner and slower than most candles.

Palm wax is produced by hydrogenating palm oils.

Beeswax is %100 al natural wax made during the honey making process. Beeswax is however very expensive and not vegan.

Gel wax isn't wax at all. I t is made from mineral oil and a polymer resin. With it you can make see through candles or embedded object gel candles it holds fragrance just as well as a standard paraffin wax candle.

Rapeseed wax or canola wax is an alternative to soy wax for making container candles but it is a bit more expensive it provides great fragrance retention and an extended burn.

Coconut wax is made from hydrogenated and refined coconut oil.

All natural soy candles from Chyenne Candles

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